US – Cøast tø Cøast

The_Chaos_ChroniclesLost_PAradise_LOW_0000The Chaøs Chrønicles – Chapter I – US Cøast to Cøast

U.S. Cøast to Cøast brings us to the genesis of this project, as they cross from state to state, we discover an America on its knees.

To start the project in the U.S. seemed obvious since this country has been the magnifying glass of the West for some time.

This particular Chønicle is thought out as a type of lost footage, put in perspective with recent images to point out a simple fact;  he country still exists, is still here, just as we are, but in constant mutation.

Everlast’s «White trash beautiful» sets the rhythm, Bobby MacFerrin’s «Don’t worry be happy» sets the mood.

This first Chrønicle is the beginning of a great adventure. The road is laid out like a blueprint , we explore with them the foundation and see a shaky America, on the verge of caricature. A succession of places and encounters brings about a whole new meaning, a sensation so familiar yet so different.
There is a strong recurrence of symbols, elements, religious signs and flags. The country hangs on to its symbols to better prove to itself its own existence. We also observe the omnipresence of «for sale» signs, abandoned houses and deserted businesses, punctuated with unexpected and sometimes furtive encoun- ters.

Maÿliss and Lukas hit the american road for the first time in 2011, with only 1000$ in their pockets and minimal filming material, they take their first glance at a map in the middle of the Death Valley desert! It is then that they realize the scale of their ambitious project.

Their first trip will bring them from west to east, 12 000 kilometres with no safety net. They often sleep in the car, truly letting go and taking it one day at a time, the only plan is to not dawdle too much in the big cities and avoid the beaten tracks.

They don’t seek anything but find everything.

Maÿliss and Lukas took another trip to the U.S. in 2015, this time focusing on the east coast and are currently looking for funding to go again.

A long feature film is being edited and they are
seeking co-production and distribution.

They are preparing  a photo book with texts and are seeking partners and distributors.

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Produced by : BløwYøurMind prøduction
Filmed, Written & Directed by :Maÿliss & Lukas Zpira
Trailer by : Stef Bloch

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