Rise & Fall Of Eurøpe

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Chaøs Chrønicles – Chapter III – South East Europe

For Maÿliss and Lukas, this Chrønicle was supposed to begin as an exploration of the Balkan region with a detour through Chernobyl to visit the abandoned city, discover Ukraine and the borders of Europe.
They find themselves confronted with its limits and come across its numerous exclusion zones.

Maÿliss was born in a Europe in the process of unification. For her, the Balkan constitutes a diversity of influences and cultures allowing a transition between the east and west.

For Lukas, it evokes a country that no longer exists, Yugoslavia, which up until not so long ago served as a border between two opposing blocks.

We are in 2013.Confronted with the cultural and social barriers, they realize the fragility of a dream which slowly transforms itself into a nightmare. They leave Kiev a few days before civil unrest erupts. The tension
was already palpable. The first trip lasts 8 weeks and covers 12 000 kilometres through a dozen countries.Once off the major routes built with european subsidies, the road is very difficult. The lack of funds is felt, Lukas and Maÿliss often sleep in the car.

Meeting the people and exchanging with them is rare but intense. It is this human dimension that has moved them the most. These encounters leave their marks through the images and the words Maÿliss and Lukas share with us.

January 2015, Maÿliss and Lukas are in France during the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack. A few months later the government sets up new censorship laws and cuts funding towards culture. They are the first to be affected by these changes and decide to continue this Chronicle, but this time to include the rest of Europe.

When Paris is hit again in november 2015 this Chrønicle takes on a new title, «The Rise and Fall of Europe».
Massive Attack’s «Flat of the Blade» sets the tone of the soundtrack.

Maÿliss and Lukas are looking for funds to continue this Chrønicle. A long feature film is being edited, they are seeking co-production and distribution.

They are preparing a photo book with texts and are seeking partners and distribution.

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Produced by : BløwYøurMind prøduction
Filmed, Written & Directed by :Maÿliss & Lukas Zpira
Trailer : Loïc Mabily

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