Central America

The_Chaos_Chronicles_Rituals_LOW_0018The Chaøs Chrønicles – Chapter II – Central America

This central part of the americas is in fact a link between two cultures, two eras, two different ways of apprehending this world often in opposition.

It’s a transitional space that spreads from Mexico to Panama, englobing eight countries; a huge cultural puzzle.This Chrønicle does not set itself in a specific time framehistory began five hundred years ago- but rather in the spaces on the map and its people, shaking up the preconceptions we may have.

Sure it’s a dangerous place, but not as much as we imagine, if we follow the rules. A version of Nancy Sinatra’s «Bang Bang» can be heard, and it is no coincidence. This song becomes an anthem, its down tempo matching the rhythm of to bus they ride. They take the time to listen to the host’s advice, who take pride in making each moment pleasurable, putting them on the right path in order to avoid danger. This duo and its initiative intrigues them. They welcome them. In the middle of this chaos we feel totally safe. This part of the world reveals something magical.

For the first trip Maÿliss and Lukas arrive in Mexico by chance, they slowly make their way down through Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and in Salvador where they follow the footsteps of Christian Poveda who was assassinated in 2009 while he was documenting the life of gang members of «La 18».

Amidst the discovery of these places and its people, who are often forgotten in history books or reduced to clichés, between shamanic rituals and meeting gang members, this journey becomes initiatory, an unforgettable life lesson.

Maÿliss and Lukas went back to Mexico in 2014 and 2015, they are currently looking for funding to go back, this time starting from southern Mexico, and wish to travel to Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Salvador, Nicaragua and Panama. Sadly we most often only associate these countries with political conflicts, dictatorship, drugs and murders or coffee and chocolate connoisseurs. Average tourists tend to stick to walled resorts. But amongst all this, there are places, moments, and people that will shake up all of these biases. This is what Maÿliss and Lukas try to show us.

A long feature film is being edited and they are seeking co-production and distribution.

They are preparing a photo book with texts and are seeking partners and distributors.

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Produced by : BløwYøurMind prøduction
With the support of : Ulule
Filmed, Written & Directed by :Maÿliss & Lukas Zpira
Trailer : Loïc Mabily

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